Construction Services

Construction Services

Construction is one of the largest industries in the country today; it accounts for more than $800 billion annually – nearly 6% of the nation’s gross national product.  Stadia Engineering Associates, Inc. employs a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with a broad range of knowledge and experience to cover construction projects both large and small.  The multifaceted characteristics of many construction projects require aspects of engineering, planning, and surveying services to see them through to the successful completion.  Our team of experienced professionals can provide service at the project site, address regulatory issues as they arise, and prepare comprehensive solutions for some of today’s most complex construction problems.

Surveying plays an extremely important role in any construction project.  Construction surveying can take many different forms; from pre-construction activities such as providing project control & marking project limits to actual construction activities such as layout services and structural monitoring.  Construction surveying is used to establish the location and alignment of highways, bridges, buildings, utilities, and other manufactured objects. After many projects are completed, a Record Survey (also known as an “As-built Survey”) is typically performed to document the actual location of physical improvements and identify any modifications that were made during construction.

Additional services for construction may include preparation of environmental pollution control plans & permitting documents, review of erosion & sedimentation control measures, the design of temporary structures, cost estimating, engineering review, equipment selection, construction administration and cost control.


Construction services project examples include:

Construction Layout & Anchor Bolt As-Built

Construction Layout & Control Network

Third Party Survey Verification & Construction Meetings

Site / Civil Design & Construction Documents

Primary Survey Consultant, Construction Layout, Third Party Survey Verification

Primary Survey Consultant, Construction Layout

Indoor Lacross Field Layout